This Blog

The basic idea of this blog is that a society dominated by a class of employers, in various ways, is immoral and indeed is absurd. The focus will be on the economy, but other areas of life will included when possible and feasible.

The reference to “Abolitonary” is of course a combination of two concepts: abolition and revolutionary. The idea is that we need to start taking seriously the idea of the abolition of the power of employers as a class. If carried into practice, it would result in a revolution in our social relations. To achieve such a goal, it would of course also require sustained efforts by organized workers and communities over a period of time–a revolution that would likely face stiff opposition from the class of employers and their representatives.

A critical look at the views of the social-reformsit left, who want to only engage in reform without challenging the power of employers as a class, will form part of the blog since in Toronto, where I currently live, the social-reformist left dominate. The social-reformist  left have no intention of discussing the need to organize for the purpose of challenging the power of the class of employers. Rather, they put off into the distant future any serious discussion of and organization for challenging the power of employers as a class.

The blog, then, will be critical. It will contain quotes from books or articles that I have read and perhaps a brief commentary in order to illustrate a point or to challenge the point of view of the social-democratic left.

Despite my health not being all that good, I will try to send at least one post a week. I also will respond to select posts (if there are any–my experience is that there are few who are serious about addressing the power of employers as a class). Many posts will be short and involve copy and pasting to illustrate a point, along with short commentary. Sometimes, they will be repetitious in order to drive home a point about the nature of our society.

I have created a separate menu item on the home page “The Money Circuit of Capital.” It will be referred to sometimes in posts in order to justify an argument. Otherwise, it would be necessary to repeat it.

Suggestions for improvement of the blog are most welcome.

Commentaries on the posts are most welcome.